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Not like I'm really active anyway, but the next few weeks I'll be in Japan so I'll be even _less_ active (if that's even possible :D)
Hf everybody
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Year after year, I continue to totally forget what happens at April 1st 8[
(well, at least I keep being surprised, so it's actually quite nice :'D)
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(had to get rid of the Christmas journal, bwahaha ;D)

So, about the interesting idea. I finally started having a look at groups and such (at last^^) and came across a group called "GetWatchers" ( and the feature a pretty cool website which, in theory, will help you gain exposure. I don't know if it really helps, but at least I stumbled across some really cool artists I didn't know before, so it paid off already, I'd say! :D

Anyway, take a look!

I'm member of:
#GetWatchers help artists share their creativity, increase their audience and get more feedback by getting more exposure and pageviews. If you want more exposure of your arts, constructive critics, watchers and/or if you would like to discover new talented artists, come join us :pointr: Here :pointl:.
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Merry Christmas everyone! :'D


I got tagged waaaaaay back by Aerozopher (…)

1. I'm an asshole, although most people realize it faaaar too late :'D

2. I'm totally addicted to:…

3. I really need to get my hands on "Bayonetta"... I guess it's gonna be one of the best games ever and I totally love Sega (I practically grew up with Sega's consoles and games ;D)

4. I... like sweet things (?)

5. I totally love romantic comedy films D: I always used to watch them with my mother (although I mainly did it because I wanted to annoy my father and my brothers, who both said they'd never watch such things :> )

6. I'm kinda content with my life as it is right now...

7. ... and with my new PC as well.

8. I totally need to improve my spanish but, as always, I'm too lazy to actually do anything...

9. I want to participate in a workcamp either in Japan or Korea during the next term...

10. I certainly don't want people to know too much about me, so stfu! ;D
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that kinda sums it up *smirks*
Loads of deviations are sure to come within the next few days! :D………
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from dA.

I'll still reply to comments and look at new deviations, but well... I just don't want to upload anything for some time, and I also don't want to feel like I "miss out on something" because I can't check all the new deviations (seems like there are, like, 50-100 new deviations in my watchlist every day >.< that's too much, at least if I do want to do anything different than watching at pics all day^^)

So, see you sometime!
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Woe me D:

I got tagged by :iconaerozopher: quite a while ago...

"Post these rules
Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
At the end you have to choose 8 people to tag, and post their icons on the same journal.
Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them.
NO tag-backs"

So, 8 things about myself... duh...

1. Right now, I'm totally stunned by this trailer: (the concept art is so beautiful, definitely one of the best art teams out there ^^)
2. I laugh a lot... maybe a little bit too much, at least in school xD
3. I'm a procrastinator... well, that's not really anything special :/
4. I've already run out of ideas :/
5. hmm... I want to go to New Zealand at least once to be able to understand the true horror of the movie "Black Sheep" (…)
6. I'm really pale... (or well, at least in summer I really stand out :< )
7. I'm currently looking at a gigantular messy heap of trash, i.e. my totally crammed working place °A °
8. I'll have my final exams in 2011 and, after that, I'll try to be sent to Japan for a social year abroad.

So, no I have to tag 8 people <.<
(wonder if I'll find anyone who'll actually react D: )

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Although I always told myself that I would never give in to the temptation of "purging" my gallery of all the old s*** I just scrapped quite a lot of, uh, "pictures". Well, they're not completely gone so I guess I don't have to feel too guilty ;D

Apart from that... nothing too interesting I could tell you about :/ Maybe some recommendations... you should totally start watching the Anime "Texhnolyze" and "Shangri-La" (this one may start off quite strange and, well, "soft" but it's one of the most disturbing anime I've ever seen oO) and I you like books I can only recommend Glenda Larke's "Mirage Makers" :>
Oh, and maybe holidays will be extended here because of the swine flu :iconimhappyplz:


About the free commissions, I'm working on them but the next month's gonna be quite busy :/ Hope it's okay if I take my sweet time ;D

Commissions I'm working on:

Knight-Jedi - modified Aion-character + background
BrokenThunder - Chibi-Girl


bountyhunter2 - Something with Pandas/Pandarens =>…
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Since Tsabo6 offered to do a feature trade I said I'd be interested (although featuring somebody kind of sucks if you can't present any thumbnails :/)

In my opinion he's a great and also dedicated (digital) artist, since he really paints a lot... he's also one of those who like to take part in's CHOW quite frequently ;)

So, here're some of my favourites from his gallery:

And they came…
Devatashka Cave…
F.o.C. 39 and 40…
Behind your eyes…
Okami art for contest…

Especially the F.o.C. series (Friends on Canvas) is something you shouldn't miss out, at least in my opinion. Really cool portraits, and there are so many oO


Deviants interested in my free commissions:

Knight-Jedi - modified Aion-character + background
bountyhunter2 - ArtTrade, something with Pandas/Pandarens DONE:…

(Informations about commissioning me:… )
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A new dA feature and it's actually for everyone oO

Anyway, I just slapped something together really fast... just trying it out ^^"

However, I guess I won't really need it for now ;D It's a nice feature nevertheless :)


On another note, my trip to the Netherlands was fun although it's always kinda exhausting when you're traveling with so many people (especially if it's your family ;D)
I really love the North Sea now :3 The waves are definitely better than in the mediterranean sea (the wind's terrible, though. Or well, maybe it's just my ears that hurt easily. I mean, I was standing like 2 minutes in the (not too harsh) wind and it hurt like f***ing hell :< )
We also visited Amsterdam once and I really loved that city :D It's so vivid, and there were all kinds of people. So... international ;3 Although it sometimes got confusing since some of the people there spoke german while others only knew english and I never quite knew which language I should use ;D


Deviants interested in my free commissions:

Knight-Jedi - modified Aion-character + background
bountyhunter2 - ArtTrade, something with Pandas/Pandarens

(Informations about commissioning me:… )
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I'll be gone from the 10th to the 13th of July :> Just so that you know ^.^


Just asking since I'm kinda bored... holidays, you know? ;D
And well, knowing that you're working for somebody else kind of raises the effort you put into something... at least I hope so^^

So, who would be interested? I guess I'll do almost everything... at least as long as it's whithin my abilities >.< Well, there may be things I'll reject, though. But I guess it's pointless listing those things since I don't really know them myself and probably would forget something anyway ;D
So, characters, evironments, landscapes... maybe even different styles, whatever you want^^

(even if you yourself aren't interested in commissioning me maybe you know a friend who would? After all, free commissions are a nice thing, even if they come from someone like me xD)

Deviants interested so far:

Knight-Jedi - modified Aion-character + background
bountyhunter2 - Something with Pandas/Pandarens


On a different note, Aion's gonna be an awesome game :D And I think I even could enjoy the high-end gameplay... with all the PvPvE (in the Abyss) lying in store'n stuff ;3 Can't wait for the next beta-event 'cause it's the first time the players can test out said Abyss.
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I took part in a little creative contest where you could get some beta keys for all the Aion-Preview events that'll take place... and I won :D

So I'm off, flying around in Elysea right now... brb ^.^

(I'll upload the pic later)
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... where the children come from?

Watch this!…

I was so laughing my ass off... one of the best things I've seen on failblog so far ^.^


Support the :icondagnostic:-club!
They promote more or less unknown yet awesome artists <3
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Yeah, I kind of had my 17th birthday today ^^"

Got a japanese learning program and a book with tutorials and tips for CorelPainter X... yay :D
I hope I'll actually use both... I'm just too fucking lazy to learn japanese vocab and grammar just by myself so hopefully the program will help me improve... and well, for the book I guess it's nice to read stuff about CorelPainter and special techniques :D
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  • Reading: Christopher Moore : &quot;You suck&quot;
  • Watching: Jigoku Shoujo
  • Playing: PS3, Lord of the Rings Online
Since the old journal kind of made me depressed whenever I looked at it, here's something completely different:…

Gah, that was so awesome :D…

Was in school today when I first heard about it. It actually happened quite far away (okay, far is relative, but you know what I mean) but still, it's really hard to swallow. Nobody in the school there would ever have expected something like that to happen, yet it did. And in the school I'm attending nobody would expect something similiar, either. Really makes one wonder whether, maybe, it WILL happen in one's own school...
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Woah, I really luv the new features :D

And I totally had to get rid of that last journal... I mean, it's almost february and I still wish people a merry christmas and a happy new year? o3o

And don't forget to visit :iconhollowpixie:s dA page =3
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So, well...
First things first:

:iconxysabellx: tagged me... like, 5 months ago? I'm as fast a lightning, dude! xD

So well, 8 facts about myself...

1. As you can see, I'm super-lazy and forget about things easily... or just can't motivate myself, well, whatever xD

2. I luv foreign languages :3 Well, I'm probably just trying to compensate the fact that my native language (i.e. german) is a very terrible one by learning so many others :3
Well, German isn't that bad, but I still like others much more ;)

3. I also luv books °.° Right now my fav writers are Sara Douglass (dark fantasy with lots of blood *fufufu*) and Mary Janice Davidson (fashion-addicted vampire-queens that start to sneeze when they come in contact with holy water? yay :D)...

4. But there are mangas and animes that I love, as well :D Like Claymore, FLCL, Vampire Knight, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, and well... others xD

5. And I luv music. Also I didn't for a long time... (started listening to music just around 1-2 years ago xD)
Right now my favourite bands are Scissor Sisters, Elysian Fields, Gackt, Giant Drag (well, maybe it's just because of the name °o°), Wir sind Helden, Sister Mayo (Djungle wa itsumo are nochi guu, anyone? xD) Gorillaz and The Dresden Dolls... oh well, I do have a strange taste oO

6. Luv drawing, too... that's why I'm here xD (ok, dA isn't really that well suited for improving your skills, but well...)

7. There are other things I luv xD (like the word "luv" :3)

8. BUT it's also possible that I'll come across something that I don't luv >.<

Ok, that was pretty stupid... hehe ^^"

So then, for the tagging...
I guess I'll pic :iconragebringer: and :iconaerozopher: ;) I wonder if they'll do it *scratches his head*

The next thing is a feature:
Hollowpixie ( is an amazing artist (at least I think so), but well, she joined dA just recently and that's the reason why I'll feature her (I guess usually me featuring someone wouldn't really help anybody, but since she's new... :3)

And at last:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~
I wish I'd get some Pockies Q.Q